Getting There.


We can’t show you too much, but we’re moving right along with the prototype build. And we’re still on track to reveal the final working B1 truck in July in New York City.

The team has been spending long days in the shop and it’s really paying off. All parts have been engineered and sent out for machining. Here’s Karl working on riveting inner body panels:

We have a new local guy, Ken, who’s doing a great job at welding. Soon our cab will be all done and ready to be put on the chassis. This connector hints at our convertible cab:

We found a great local restoration shop, West Branch Collision and Classics, to do our painting. The owner, Ben, has been incredibly helpful and just may have invented the coolest color ever. He’s got a great eye.

The final wiring will be done this weekend, finishing up our harnesses, and doing the final testing and checking of all the components, low and high voltage. Here are some of the HV cables going into our Power Distribution Module (PDM):

Then in another week when every part is in house we’ll do our full dry build and get it all fitting together perfectly. Immediately after that, we’ll take it all apart and send out the chassis to be painted, followed by the body panels.

Our goal is to have the final fully-working prototype all constructed by the end of June. And it looks like we’re on schedule.

It’s been an unbelievable journey. Can’t wait to show you all the final truck.