Sneak Peek

Here’s a first look at our Bollinger Motors truck and a link to our press release. We’re keeping the design a secret for now, but this rendering by our designer Ross Compton gives you an idea of what we’re working on: simple, flat sides and sharp lines. The look is based on my favorite classic trucks from over the decades. Not only are we going for a timeless look, we also wanted to have the ability to produce the body panels ourselves. Flat planes with bends, chamfers and controlled bends are possible with minimal machinery, avoiding expensive molds and stamps. The end result is a rugged, easily assembled truck ready for the great outdoors, off-road or on the highways and city streets.

With best-in-class ground clearance, horsepower and torque our truck will be starting off on the right path. Our all-electric powertrain will be truly revolutionary for this class. Combine all that with an all-wheel drivetrain and 50/50 weight distribution and you’ve got yourself the perfect truck.

The entire truck from front to back will be clean and simple (including the interior) and will pack some innovative storage solutions, enabling you to do more than ever in a sport utility truck.

Please continue to stay tuned to our blog and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn as we’ll be sending out more sneak peeks as we count down to our reveal this summer.

– Robert