We’ve Seen the Future, and it’s Electric

Trend studies done by major automotive manufacturers show that the internal combustion engine (ICE) is on the decline and that electric vehicles (EVs) will eventually reign. In fact, the curve is already trending upward. Through the first quarter of this year, US plug-in vehicle sales were up about 63 percent from a year earlier. Sales should continue to increase as, according to a new AAA study, about one in seven — or about 30 million — driving Americans may likely purchase an electric vehicle as their next car within the next three to five years. The poll also indicates that about as many people are looking to buy a truck, which is great for Bollinger Motors, because we can serve as a one-stop shop.

Nearly every major auto manufacturer is now dedicating significant resources and capital to advance their EV programs from GM to Mercedes to Nissan. Hyundai is now developing its own EV-specific brand while Toyota and BMW shifted their engineering and marketing resources from hydrogen to concentrate on all-electric fleets. Daimler recently announced they are spending $11 billion on EV development, after having pulled out of a hydrogen fuel cell collaboration, and Chrysler just debuted an electric minivan. Volkswagen is transitioning all of their former diesel powertrain group to work exclusively on EVs and is creating a national charging network here in the US. The US Department of Defense and the US Military are doubling down on renewables, too.

Companies like ChargePoint and Ennead Labs are creating modern charging superhighways backed by private investment alongside Federal and State governments. California’s Public Utility Commission has authorized Pacific Gas & Electric to install 7,500 electric car charging stations. Even our home state of New York is creating new clean energy transportation initiatives led by Governor Cuomo’s recently announced “Charge NY” plan designed to promote EV ownership and install a robust charging infrastructure. All designed to significantly reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

While Tesla laid the groundwork and continues to lead the charge, we are now seeing other startup EV companies with names like Lucid, Rimac, MG, Dubuc, Elextra, and Nio joining the clean car revolution. We believe we are in a new golden age of transportation development and we are rooting for everyone to succeed. There’s room for all of us in this innovative new development world — from an EV supercar made in Switzerland to our Bollinger Sport Utility Truck made right here in the US. With a dream and a vision, we will contribute to the growing EV sales trend and pretty soon folks will start to wonder what it must’ve been like to drive one of those polluting, inefficient internal combustion engine vehicles back in the day.

  • -Robert Bollinger